American Harlequin Dutch Fan Club
Established January 2000

The goal of this loosely organized group is to network with other breeders interested in promoting the Harlequin variety of Dutch. I believe through a cooperative effort that the Harlequin Dutch will be accepted to the ARBA Standard of Perfection.


There is no application form or fee. Contacting me by telephone, e-mail or snail mail will do. With the help of my sister-in-law Mary I have developed a logo for AHDFC and handed out the first buttons made at the 2000 NDS in York, Pennsylvannia. See picture of the first gathering of the AHDFC….I have made information handout also and use e-mail whenever possible to save on postage.

Membership list & news

I will include a link to a list of all the breeders that have contacted me and news gathered from different areas. To date there are over 40 breeders involved in raising Harlequin Dutch from the West coast to the East coast and Midwest group too. It is very exciting for me to see how this dream of mine is shared by so many Dutch breeders.