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History of the Harlequin Dutch.

A Brief History of the Harlequin Dutch.

The Dutch Standard of Perfection.

See what genetics defects are common in rabbits.

Purposed Working Standard for the Harlequin Dutch.

The purposed working standard I wrote for the Harlequin Dutch.

Purposed Working Standard for Gold Dutch.

By Kevin Hooper, ADRC President.

Genetics 101: Introduction to Genetic Terms and Concepts for understanding rabbit coat color genetics.

Information about Rabbit Coat Color Genetics. What genes are involved and basic ideas and concepts.

Genetics 102: Basics of Color Breeding.

Use this tutorial to teach yourself how to use punnet squares and learn more about Rabbit genetics.

Common Genetic Defects in Rabbits.

See what genetics defects are common in rabbits.

Further reading about Rabbit Genetics.

Use this list of great books to expand your understanding and knowledge of rabbit genetics.

Links of Interest.

Check out a great list of places to visit on the web that are rabbit related.

Country Women's Article on Jill and her Harlequins.

Read the article that Country Women wrote about Jill and her Hare Raising Habits!!!

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